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SAFEBUS by Predictable Ryde

SAFEBUS: The first K-12 Transportation Communication & Management Platform

SAFEBUS: Raise your school bus safety, communication & management capabilities to a new level with the first of its kind K-12 Transportation Communication & Management Platform that unites students, schools, bus drivers, parents & first responders by joining together industry leading solutions.

FirstNet & Enhanced Push-to-Talk

FirstNet is the nations first high-speed wireless broadband network set up exclusively for public safety.

Enhanced Push-to-Talk enables one touch nation-wide communications replacing the need for radios.

Rugged Mobile Devices

FirstNet Android mobile devices such as the Sonim XP8, Uniden UV350, Samsung Galaxy XCover FieldPro & Tab A, and more available that operate on FirstNet. These devices are rugged, push-to-talk, and are great replacements for school bus radio communication systems.


Industrial strength vehicle mounts for buses and vehicles. GPSLockbox knows what lasts. They have installed their mounts in tens of thousands of School Buses around the country.

Predictable Ryde

Award Winning K-12 Fleet & Rider Tracking & Management Software is used by School Transportation Department and Parents every day to create a safer and more efficient school Transportation experience.

What You Get

Your Transportation Tool Set

Access your Transportation tools at your desk or on the go. All of your Predictable Ryde tools are available on your desktop or your smart phone.

Enhanced Push-to-Talk Communications

Replace your outdated LMR radios that have limited range with a ruggedized Smart Device running on FirstNet for nationwide prioritized communications.

Bus Tracking

Track your live fleet anywhere in they go, or use our analytics tools to review their past driving behavior. Communicate directly with parents, gardians and school officials by clicking the bus icon on the map and send a pre-made message to all those who signed up for messages related to that bus. View live camera feeds, overlay live weather feeds, create smart geofences, add meaningful map markers, and so much more.

Ridership Tracking

Track your riders using QR Codes that can be printed on just about anything including plain paper or Avery WeatherProof labels that cost less than 2 cents a piece. This provides schools tremendous year over year savings vs RFID cards which cost 10x to 100x more depending on your purchase volume.
Just Added - Active Rider Tracking! Riders no longer need to scan as they board and exit the bus.

Broadcast Messaging

Easily send adhoc or templated messages to specific groups of people interested in knowing what is going on related to a specific transportation topic, such as a late bus. Predictable Ryde uses a publish-subscribe model which allows parents and staff to sign up for the message topics they are interested in be notified about. Recipients choose whether to receive text messages or email notifications. Private topics can be set up and maintained by the Transportation department as well.

Parent App

Parents no longer have to call the Transportation department to get real-time information about their child's bus. With the Predictable Ryde Bus Tracker parents can view the live location of their child's bus; as well as, set proximity alerts and receive notifications for when and where their child get on and off the bus.

E-Inspection Forms

Transportation Managers can create inspection forms that their drivers can use to record vehicle conditions or any other type of inspection. Inspection reports are automatically uploaded to Predictable Ryde and Transportation Managers can review the results from their desktop, laptop or smartphone.

Transportation Portal

Predictable Ryde's Transportation Portal unites all of your transportation tools together in a single location regardless of brand. Add icons to launch other applications, access other services in the cloud, and embed views to other informative websites right into your portal's tiles such as the local weather forecasts, state and local alert systems, and emergency response protocols.


Utilize the time sheet feature to record and manage driver time sheets. Collect when and where log ins and outs occur. In addition, time sheets can be reviewed and go through an approval process. Aggregate reports can be easily exported as CSV files that can be imported into other time management programs or spreadsheets.


Use Predictable Ryde's powerful past vehicle session tools to review, analyse and drill down in to driving histories. Compare planned vs actual bus routes. Compare planned vs actual stop times. Review driving speeds. Replay past driving sessions. And more.

White Fleet Tracking

Track your white fleet on the same map and in the same tools that you track your bus fleet. Maintain total situational awareness of all your vehicles in a single place.

Video Streaming

Remotely turn on live video and audio from your buses and access the feed by clicking on the bus icon on the Predictable Ryde live map. In addition, in the case of an emergency - temporarily share the video stream with Emergency Responders along with the live location of the bus and list of current riders.

Route Management

Build routes in Predictable Ryde or import them from other route planning tools. Then visualize the routes on our live map, in reports and analytics to compare planned vs actual service.

SAFEBUS Overview

Unite Students, Parents, Buses, Schools & First Responders to Make K-12 Transportation Safer.

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